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Audience Acquisition

Accelerate customer acquisition with a data-driven prospecting strategy.

To acquire new audiences, advertisers have to identify their valuable audiences and deliver advertising experiences that are likely to convert.

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Rakuten Marketing Audience Acquisition takes your prospecting campaigns to a higher level using three steps:

Discover new audiences: Create a broad audience pool using a comprehensive data set made up of your first-party data, Rakuten ecosystem data and third-party sources.

Identify high-intent consumers: Discover new, likely-to-convert audiences by direct targeting and creating lookalike models using your complete data set.

Serve compelling creative: Drive visitors to your site using innovative, customized ads catered to their interests and tested to serve the most effective creative.
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Why Robust Measurement Matters
for Audience Acquisition

As you acquire new audiences, you can continually optimize your campaign using our attribution and insights platform, which increases your insights into:

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    New Customers
    Discover the influence prospecting strategies have on driving new customers.
  • A graphic of a funnel with data points above it
    Cost Per Visitor
    Measure prospecting strategies with accurate upper-funnel metrics like cost per visitor.
  • A graphic of a shopping bag with a heart in the center
    Customer Value
    Recognize customer lifetime value, uncovering which ads drive returning customers.

Keys to Reaching Your Prospecting Goals
with Rakuten Marketing Display

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    Unique Data
    Extend reach using Rakuten ecosystem data with your first- and third-party data to find new customers.
  • Graphic design of a funnel
    Upper-funnel Metrics
    Understand your prospecting campaign with upper-funnel metrics like new customer percentage, CPV and CPA.
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    Optimize campaigns using transparent reporting from our insights and attribution platform.
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    Engage consumers and promote your products using dynamic and innovative creative.
  • Graphic featuring mobile, desktop and tablet
    Connect to your audience anywhere with premium supply partners for cross-device reach.
  • Graphic of a serving tray balanced on a hand
    Get key campaign insights specific to your brand from a service team with deep advertising expertise.
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Rakuten Marketing & PacSun
73% Average New Customer Rate

Looking to cut through the noise of other apparel ads, PacSun needed new audiences to boost website traffic and sales. These couldn’t be just any new audiences; they needed to be audiences that would become loyal customers.

To discover these audiences, PacSun tested a prospecting campaign using comprehensive first-, second- and third-party data with exclusive data from the Rakuten ecosystem settling in as their second-party source. Compared to a control group, this campaign returned:

  • 73% average new customer rate.
  • 321% higher return on ad spend.
  • 260% higher conversion rate.
  • 72% lower cost per acquisition.


“Rakuten Marketing technology and data has helped us reach new acquisition strategies that have grown our percentage of new customers every month.”

Eugene Lai, Director of Digital Marketing, PacSun

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