New Horizons: A Guide to Reaching Consumers in
High-growth Global Markets
  • 35%
    of transactions driven for Rakuten Marketing clients are now taking place overseas
  • 11%
    of marketers say they have local marketing teams in overseas markets
  • 61%
    of UK marketers are reliant on themselves and their local team to take charge of global campaigns
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More options, faster technology, and new sales peaks but do we have the right support across markets?

Globalisation is
nothing new.

Markets have been anticipating global expansion for years now, but with that comes very little actual preparation. With the UK and US markets already well developed it is necessary for brands to look beyond their traditional customer bases for growth. Aside from UK brands looking overseas there are also global brands looking at UK-based luxury retailers.

For marketers looking to expand across the globe, our New Horizons report shares useful insights into the markets of the Middle East, APAC and Europe. Learn more about the various strategies, tactics and practical advice needed for success by downloading the report.

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