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Find the people who love what you do.

Your goal isn’t to find just any customers, it’s to find the right customers. The ones who will love what you do and what you make. And to not only find them, but to create an authentic connection with each one. It’s a matter of knowing not only what they’ve done, but what they’re ready to do next. Using a combination of technology, Data and strategy, Rakuten Marketing can help you make authentic connections at scale – connections that really engage.

Products That Deliver Your Acquisition Strategy


Get access to new customers through influencers, niche content creators and curated publishers. With Rakuten Marketing Affiliate, you can create valuable moments of discovery between your brand and potential new customers, while maintaining safety and compliance.

According to brands surveyed by Forrester Research, 83% use affiliate marketing primarily for the discovery or awareness stages of their marketing programs.

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The right customers are out there. The question is: can you find them? By combining Data with powerful analytics and advanced AI, we can help you reach new audiences with relevant and compelling messages, creating experiences that build not only trust, but loyalty.

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Driving new individuals to your site is just one piece of the acquisition puzzle. Retargeting is the crucial next step to ensure that first-time visitors become customers. Using powerful algorithms and AI, plus a connected network, we help you reinforce your message in more relevant ways, developing a closer connection to customers at every step of the journey.

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Search campaigns play a pivotal role in the shopping journey, putting your brand or products front and centre for interested consumers. Product Listing Ads (PLAs) and product feed optimisation enable you to attract, connect and convert customers across platforms.

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Real-World Results from Rakuten Marketing

Rakuten Marketing & Travel Insurance Direct

Social Lead Generation Campaign

As a key sponsor of the Australian music and arts event, Falls Festival, Travel Insurance Direct wanted to run a lead generation campaign utilising the social expertise of the Rakuten Marketing team. The lead gen incentive was a competition to win a VIP experience to the annual Falls Fest for the entrant and three friends. In addition to achieving the cost-per-lead (CPL) target of AU$6, the TID team had two focus goals:

  1. Tap into a key millennial audience
  2. Grow their audience by 10,000

The campaign was a massive success for TID with day one alone achieving 1,454 leads. The campaign in total saw 13,415 leads and a CPL of $3.82.

“This lead gen campaign exceeded our expectations with the CPL much lower than forecasted. The Rakuten team were great in running the campaign from audience and strategy set up through to optimising effectively once the campaign had gone live.” – Brona Hyndman, Acquisition Marketing Manager, Travel Insurance Direct