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Strategy powered by technology, for affiliate marketing that performs.

Tap into a global ecosystem with access to an extensive universe of publishers, a powerful platform, and industry experts for leadership and strategy.  Success in performance marketing requires a team that nurtures partnerships between advertisers and publishers, providing the blueprint and vision for growth and profitability.

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Connections are easy. Relationships take work.

Our dedicated team of network development specialists actively recruit affiliates that drive the right consumers to your brand, we provide and have access to over 150,000 click active publishers across the globe.

We believe in the quality of our network. All of our publishers must meet pre-approved requirements before joining, are regularly monitored for compliance and receive coaching from our network specialist to understand your unique business goals.

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Marketing that influences the consumer and drives conversion.
Deliver an ad experience that your consumers love.
  • 80%
    of global consumers seek out coupon codes before making a purchase.
  • 66%
    of consumers globally trust influencers to give them an unbiased review of a product or a service.
  • 57%
    of consumers have made a purchase based solely on an online influencer recommendation.

Tools and tracking for a profitable, data-driven affiliate campaign.

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    A single view of performance across all your digital marketing channels, with a deeper understanding of how affiliate impacts conversion.
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    Multi-Touch Commissioning
    Commission publishers who may appear at the beginning, the end, or both points in the journey.
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    Mobile App Tracking
    Deeplinking capabilities to create a seamless conversion experience, with the ability to track app installs, leads, and conversions.
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    Affiliate Consumer Graph
    Deliver personalized offers to a publisher’s audience in real-time through our proprietary API.
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    Paid Placement Insights
    Transparency into the true impact that placements provide, with visibility into ROI and conversions.
  • Graphic design of a business' store front
    Online to Offline
    Activate and track your digital marketing efforts to drive in-store purchases.
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Rakuten Marketing & Decathlon
5.5x Uplift in Display Attributed Orders

Decathlon worked with Rakuten Marketing to optimise their display campaign performance using Cadence insights. The incorporation of these insights allowed the performance of each display strategy to be accurately measured across the entire user journey.

  • 2x uplift in display attributed revenue
  • 5x uplift in display attributed orders
  • £24.93 attributed ROAS across two display strategies
  • 40% higher AOV for converting journeys influenced by display, compared with the site average


The unique ability to measure the true performance of display through Cadence allowed Decathlon to reallocate spend to top-performing channels and strategies.

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Rakuten Marketing & Papa John's
£2:1 ROAS for Hyper-local Prospecting

Rakuten Marketing implemented a dual strategy for Papa John’s to increase local brand awareness and purchases. The strategies included a hyper-local mobile prospecting campaign and a cross-device retargeting campaign that were further refined by time-of-day targeting.

  • £2:1 ROAS for mobile campaign at £15 cost per order
  • £22:1 ROAS for cross-device campaign at £1.60 CPO
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Rakuten Marketing & Ray-Ban
Exceeding ROI Goals by 2.8x

In order to target site abandoners across desktop, mobile and tablet, Ray-Ban worked with Rakuten Marketing and iProspect to implement a cross-device display campaign using proprietary identification capabilities.

  • £15:1 ROI for cross-device campaign
  • Exceeded ROI goal by 2.8x


In addition to surpassing performance goals, the campaign delivered customer journey insights. Campaign data revealed that 49% of desktop conversions started on another device despite mobile amounting to 60% of Ray-Ban’s traffic.

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Rakuten Marketing & Whistles
5x Greater Attributable Revenue

Whistles used Cadence as part of its affiliate programme to uncover where content publishers were sitting in converting journeys, revealing their incremental impact on sales.

  • Revenue attributable to content publishers was 65% higher vs. last click
  • Key content publishers drove 5x greater attributable revenue

Whistles discovered that content publishers drive value at early stages of the purchase journey. They now have the data-driven confidence to invest more into their content publishers. This includes a number of smaller partners, including gifting and blogger projects that show strong incremental performance.


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