Programmatic Affiliate Marketing Whitepaper

Affiliate marketing driven by new automation and machine learning

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Achieve business goals with unprecedented scale and efficiency

It’s high time for programmatic to transform the affiliate marketing industry.  Affiliate marketing driven by new automation and machine learning will empower marketers to achieve business goals with scale and efficiency never before seen.

Download the whitepaper today

Download the whitepaper for key insights:

  1. The retail industry is at a critical inflection point to act upon big data and realise significant benefit across the value chain.
  2. The evolution of holistic cross-channel marketing performance data means CMOs can better align marketing spend to overall business objectives.
  3. Publishers are investing to understand their audiences – personalising content and optimising monetisation models.
  4. Data and the introduction of machine learning and AI have positioned affiliate marketing for an industry transformation.
  5. Lessons learned from the introduction of programmatic within display mean the affiliate industry can bypass dynamics that negatively impacted the evolution of display.

Download the whitepaper today