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Discover the audiences who’ll love your brand

Reach the right consumers – those who are actively shopping and looking for products like yours – with Rakuten Marketing Prospecting.

Powered by artificial intelligence and fuelled by data, our solution uncovers the right audiences – who stay loyal and spend more – for your brand.

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Reach new future loyal customers

Our technology works at scale to analyse consumer behaviours and actions to discover valuable unexpected audiences.

  • Find the right audience, intelligently: Our AI analyses online consumer shopping habits, creating unique and valuable audience profiles
  • Serve ads that resonate: Our AI is smart. By analysing and learning how consumers are responding to your ads, it serves the right message, at the right time to the right consumers 
  • We’re not a black-box: Your campaigns aren’t turned on and forgotten about. Our team of seasoned digital marketing experts will continually report on and optimise your campaigns to ensure they meet your business objectives


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Reach the Right Consumers

Through AI and data, our technology uncovers the right audience and serves them with relevant, engaging and influential ads that drive new and loyal customers.

How Prospecting Works

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    Artifical Intelligence
    Discover audiences that love what you do. Our technology works intelligently and at scale, enabling consumers to discover your brand and empowers you to reach an audience you didn’t know you could have.
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    Diverse & Unique Data
    Anonymised, aggregated and GDPR compliant data from the Rakuten ecosystem is leveraged to discover new audiences. Rakuten ecosystem data includes consumer preferences, location data and purchase behaviours that connects first, second and third party data.
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    We’ll work closely with you to strategise and execute your campaigns, ensuring that they are continually optimised to deliver audiences that are engaged and repeat purchase.
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    Brand Safety
    Your ads only ever reach real people. Our technology comes with robust safeguards to protect your brand by validating and confirming each ad is seen by real consumers, not bots. Frequency capping limits the number of ads served to deliver a better brand experience.
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    Transparency & Insights
    Our commitment to transparency is second to none. Uncover the impact your Prospecting campaigns are having across the entire user journey and across devices.
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Rakuten Marketing & PacSun
73% Average New Customer Rate

Looking to cut through the noise of other apparel ads, PacSun needed new audiences to boost website traffic and sales. These couldn’t be just any new audiences; they need to be audiences that would become loyal customers.

To discover these audiences, PacSun tested a prospecting campaign using a comprehensive data set. Compared to a control group, this campaign returned:

  • 73% average new customer rate.
  • 321% higher return on ad spend.
  • 260% higher conversion rate.
  • 72% lower cost per acquisition.


“Rakuten Marketing technology and data has helped us reach new acquisition strategies that have grown our percentage of new customers every month.”

Eugene Lai, Director of Digital Marketing, PacSun

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Rakuten Marketing & Cariloha
68% of Revenue Influenced

To drive engagement and retention with their increasing site traffic, luxury brand Cariloha leveraged display retargeting strategies across Facebook and traditional inventory to drive sales of its eco-friendly bamboo products. The results of this campaign showed that:

  • Returning site visitors spent 50% more than they did previously.
  • 68% of total site revenue was influenced by retargeting.


“It wasn’t until we started working with Rakuten Marketing that we understood how much incremental revenue retargeting could drive. The ability to quantify the specific value of our retargeting campaigns made Rakuten Marketing the obvious choice as a retargeting partner.”

Aaron Hobson, VP of Marketing, Cariloha

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Rakuten Marketing & Decathlon
5.5x Uplift in Display Attributed Orders

Decathlon worked with Rakuten Marketing to optimise their display campaign performance using Cadence insights. The incorporation of these insights allowed the performance of each display strategy to be accurately measured across the entire user journey.

  • 2x uplift in display attributed revenue
  • 5x uplift in display attributed orders
  • £24.93 attributed ROAS across two display strategies
  • 40% higher AOV for converting journeys influenced by display, compared with the site average


The unique ability to measure the true performance of display through Cadence allowed Decathlon to reallocate spend to top-performing channels and strategies.

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Rakuten Marketing & Papa John's
£2:1 ROAS for Hyper-local Prospecting

Rakuten Marketing implemented a dual strategy for Papa John’s to increase local brand awareness and purchases. The strategies included a hyper-local mobile prospecting campaign and a cross-device retargeting campaign that were further refined by time-of-day targeting.

  • £2:1 ROAS for mobile campaign at £15 cost per order
  • £22:1 ROAS for cross-device campaign at £1.60 CPO
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Rakuten Marketing & Ray-Ban
Exceeding ROI Goals by 2.8x

In order to target site abandoners across desktop, mobile and tablet, Ray-Ban worked with Rakuten Marketing and iProspect to implement a cross-device display campaign using proprietary identification capabilities.

  • £15:1 ROI for cross-device campaign
  • Exceeded ROI goal by 2.8x


In addition to surpassing performance goals, the campaign delivered customer journey insights. Campaign data revealed that 49% of desktop conversions started on another device despite mobile amounting to 60% of Ray-Ban’s traffic.

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Rakuten Marketing &
80% Increase in Sales

After working successfully with the Rakuten Marketing Affiliate Network in the US and UK for a number of years, launched its Australian and Japanese Affiliate Programmes through the network.

  • Overall sales rose 80% YoY during the first Quarter
  • Overall orders grew by 50% YoY


“Our aim to break into APAC through affiliate partnerships turned out to be a huge success; we see constant growth across all KPIs and gained many new valuable publishers. The successful relationship with Rakuten Marketing helped to achieve our objectives; our global programme is impressively growing due to fantastic account support with a common understanding of growing sales and customer reach globally.”

Hanna Tuchnitz, Affiliate Marketing Manager,

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Rakuten Marketing & Whistles
5x Greater Attributable Revenue

Whistles used Cadence as part of its affiliate programme to uncover where content publishers were sitting in converting journeys, revealing their incremental impact on sales.

  • Revenue attributable to content publishers was 65% higher vs. last click
  • Key content publishers drove 5x greater attributable revenue

Whistles discovered that content publishers drive value at early stages of the purchase journey. They now have the data-driven confidence to invest more into their content publishers. This includes a number of smaller partners, including gifting and blogger projects that show strong incremental performance.


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