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Decathlon Case Study

Cadence Demonstrates Display’s Impact on Revenue, AOV and More

Decathlon Case Study Image


Decathlon, the sporting retail brand with a huge presence throughout Europe, utilises a variety of performance marketing channels to increase brand awareness and sales in the UK.

Decathlon engaged with Rakuten Marketing’s display offering to formulate and run a successful advertising campaign. Not only did the campaign achieve its objectives, the attributed reporting provided by our measurement platform Cadence proved the true value of display. This allowed clear and trustworthy optimisation recommendations to be made to maximise ROI.


Decathlon needed to increase awareness of its brand and acquire new customers from the UK market, integrating display as just one performance marketing channel to help achieve this.

It is vital that the team does not waste time and budget on marketing campaigns that do not provide results. Therefore, the ability to accurately measure the impact of marketing spend is essential.

Historically relying on flawed metrics such as click-through rates, post-click sales and post-impression sales alone gave the Decathlon team no confidence in the value of display. This, therefore, made it difficult to justify investment in that channel and properly optimise performance.


Rakuten Marketing implemented a display campaign comprised of two differing strategies:

  • Strategy 1: Optimised to encourage engagement
  • Strategy 2: Optimised to encourage clicks

The incorporation of the Cadence attribution platform allowed the performance of each strategy to be accurately measured across the entire user journey. Unlike other analytics platforms such as Google Analytics, Cadence enables Decathlon to see the influence display impressions have had on site visits via other channels further along the user journey.

This sophisticated approach to performance marketing measurement enabled Decathlon to understand the impact of their display campaign in a uniquely accurate way. It provided insight not only into the performance of the overall display activity but also into the performance of the individual strategies being trialled at the same time.


Comparing last click with attributed performance revealed a:

  • 420% uplift in the amount of revenue attributable to display activity
  • 545% uplift in the number of orders attributable to display activity

Results also showed:

  • £24.93 attributed ROAS across two complementary display strategies
  • A 40% higher AOV for converting journeys influenced by display, compared with the site average

Subsequently, Rakuten Marketing was able to provide clear recommendations to Decathlon to optimise the overall performance of their display strategies in a way that no other provider is able to.


The unique ability to measure the true performance of display afforded by Cadence put Rakuten Marketing in a position where clear recommendations to optimise the overall performance of the display campaign were able to be made. Specifically, the recommendation was to reallocate budget on a 70/30 split: 70% to target the full funnel with the strategy optimised to target engagements, and 30% to compliment this strategy by focusing on converting users towards the end of the funnel.

The next stage of the project involves incorporating product level data into the reporting. This will enable Rakuten Marketing to optimise display and affiliate activity to drive not only overall sales and revenue but also to target budget to specific product lines in keeping with Decathlon’s business requirements.