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Ray-Ban Case Study

Exceeding ROI Goals Through Cross-Device Retargeting


Founded in 1937 by American company Bausch & Lomb, Ray-Ban is arguably one of the most iconic sunglasses and eyewear brands in the world. Ray-Ban pioneered the first pair of anti-glare aviator sunglasses specifically for the U.S. Army Air Corp. and in doing so paved the way for the brand’s rise to fame.

Ray-Ban has become synonymous with the glamourous lifestyle thanks to the brand’s constant innovative approach, with a particular emphasis on the way it markets and advertises the brand. As such, Ray-Ban’s online arm is an integral part of its business and reaching customers at the opportune moment is a key focus.

At Rakuten Marketing, our aim is to drive optimal performance to reach the right audiences across devices by leveraging data and proprietary technology. This presented an opportunity for us to team up with iProspect, digital marketing performance agency who work with Ray-Ban to help achieve Ray-Ban’s digital marketing goals.


  • Increase sales from existing customers
  • Increase traffic to the Ray-Ban website by implementing a cross-device strategy
  • Communicate Ray-Ban’s brand identity through innovative creative


60% of Ray-Ban’s traffic to site is through mobile, therefore we proposed to implement the Rakuten Marketing’s cross-device DSP to enable Ray-Ban to accurately target and deliver the right message to customers across devices. Together, iProspect and Rakuten Marketing planned out a display campaign which would make use of the proprietary probabilistic and deterministic device matching capabilities in order to target site abandoners across desktop, mobile and tablet. Campaign goals were put in place to ensure success including a £4:1 ROI goal.

The website was split into three segments; homepage, product page and cart abandonment. This allowed for targeting on a granular level. By delivering relevant and engaging HTML 5 ads to Ray-Ban’s target audience we were able to influence customer behaviour throughout the purchase journey.  The consistent messaging created a seamless brand experience, optimised across devices.

The display campaign was optimised and refined on an ongoing basis with a focus on Ray-Ban’s peak summer months.


Overall ROAS (return on ad spend) across all devices was an impressive £15:1. With a mobile-only ROI of 4:1. Overall performance exceeded the ROI goal by 275%.

Desktop engagement rate was 7.48%, 50% higher than the retargeting benchmark set based on fashion and apparel historical data.

49% of conversions which happened on desktop started on another device despite mobile amounting to 60% of their traffic. This supported the hypothesis that the customer’s path to conversion between devices needs to be seamless as consumers hop between devices.

Following the success of the cross-device retargeting campaign, iProspect and Ray-Ban are extending the activity throughout the summer to maximise sales during their peak season.