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Turn customers into believers.

New customers are nice. Repeat customers are better. And even better than that? Customers who connect so completely with your brand and offer that they become brand advocates.

With our unique Data, custom AI technology and insightful strategy, we can help you create authentic and personalised interactions across channels, platforms and devices. The result? You can nurture and deepen your relationships, turning customers into believers.

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The key to building loyalty is connecting to the customer with targeted, relevant offers and content that enhance their interest. The expansive reach of our global network, combined with our industry-leading affiliate product, ensures placements that consistently reach your valued shoppers.

According to brands surveyed by Forrester Research, 79% use affiliate marketing for ongoing customer engagement.

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Strategic retargeting campaigns facilitate meaningful experiences between customers and your brand. These are the experiences that build relationships and turn occasional shoppers into loyal shoppers.

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Real-World Results from Rakuten Marketing

Rakuten Marketing & Meli Melo

Integrated Marketing Services

Founded in 2005, Meli Melo is a British luxury handbag and accessories brand. Meticulously crafted in Italian leathers which are renowned for their distinctive shapes and impeccable construction. Due to an increasingly competitive market, Meli Melo’s growth had started to decline. With a need to be smarter with its marketing budget, Meli Melo looked to Rakuten Marketing to develop an integrated and agile marketing strategy across affiliate, display and search, with the aim to achieve 20% growth YoY in sales while maintaining a healthy return on ad spend (ROAS).

Thanks to this approach, Meli Melo’s performance and growth continue to soar, delivering results and significant changes for the business:

  • Top-line revenue for Q4 increased by +34% YoY
  • Revenue from channels managed by Rakuten Marketing grew to 69%, +176% YoY
  • A ROAS of £8 for every marketing pound spent with Rakuten Marketing during Q4 2018

“We partnered with Rakuten Marketing at a crucial time for our brand when our ecommerce revenues were falling. We have always been a very ROI focused business and this integrated marketing strategy has exceeded my expectations, delivering a unified approach to performance marketing which was the absolute goal I had in mind.” – Doug Ker, CEO of Meli Melo