Rakuten Marketing Launches Customized Dashboards for Brands; New Feature Creates Branded Experience to Attract Influencers and Niche Publisher Partners

SAN MATEO, Calif., Sept. 28, 2017 / PRNewswire/Rakuten Marketing, a leading technology company that enables brands to increase sales through data-driven marketing, today launched another addition to its robust technology suite for affiliate marketers – Partnership Dashboard. Personalized with the client’s own branding, this customizable platform provides a white-label gateway for advertisers to recruit and nurture affiliate relationships with influencers, sales associates and publishers who expect a one-to-one relationship with their brand partners. The Rakuten Marketing Partnership Dashboard better positions advertisers to engage partners who aren’t already familiar with affiliate marketing by providing a more comfortable and easy-to-use interface that delivers the features, benefits and tracking of the central Rakuten Marketing Affiliate dashboard.

Relationships are at the heart of affiliate marketing success, and, while 83 percent of advertisers rely on affiliate networks to recruit partners, the growing opportunity across micro-influencers and niche partners who aren’t familiar with affiliate marketing has created a need for brands to be more directly accessible to potential partners. This includes in-store sales associates who are looking to earn commissions for the online sales they influence. The Rakuten Marketing Partnership Dashboard gives advertisers a fully customized, branded interface where these partners can easily connect with the brands they want to work with and join their program. At the same time, advertisers maintain all the benefits of working with a large affiliate network, including the technology, measurement, consumer insights and strategic counsel. Creating a custom Partnership Dashboard is easy for advertisers, who simply need to provide style requirements and assets.

“At Rakuten Marketing, we are dedicated to innovating technology and services that empower affiliate partnerships to thrive,” said Adam Weiss, SVP, GM, Rakuten Marketing Affiliate Network. “With this Partnership Dashboard, we are meeting a need established by a more evolved affiliate ecosystem that requires more direct access to brands, more easy-to-use technology, and more measurement transparency.”

The Partnership Dashboard will provide partners with:

  • An advertiser-branded login screen and interface, including the ability to customize text, font, text links and buttons.
  • Tracking and analytics of partnership performance.
  • Snap-shot performance metrics on the home page and in-depth reporting that can be customized by the user.
  • Functionality to find and copy the latest links (both text and banner).
  • The ability to generate custom deep-links to product pages of choice and create showcase galleries using Curate.
  • An overview of current and pending advertiser offers.
  • Detailed payment and invoice history.

The Rakuten Marketing Partnership Dashboard is the latest in a series of investments from the company to make affiliate marketing more accessible and profitable across an increasingly diverse partner audience, most notably bloggers and social influencers, which have grown by 51 percent in affiliate sales over the last year, according to Rakuten Marketing data. Often, these influencers and niche partners are not familiar with affiliate marketing, and do not have the right staff to support the implementation and execution of complex technology. Over the last year, Rakuten Marketing has developed a suite of solutions and services customized for this audience that make it easier to curate, design and publish content, and that provide transparency into the upper-funnel performance they’re driving. These tools include Affiliate Consumer Graph, Curate, Automate, Cadence and now Partnership Dashboard.

“Promoting product discovery and nurturing loyalty is more critical than ever for advertisers who are competing to acquire and keep customers, and partnership marketing is a powerful strategy for accomplishing these objectives,” said Tony Zito, CEO, Rakuten Marketing. “Advertisers need to attract influential partners that can maximize their performance across a variety of strategic audiences, and innovations like the Partnership Dashboard better position them to do this, particularly with the increasingly vital influencer community.”

For more information about the Partnership Dashboard or Rakuten Marketing Affiliate solutions, visit RakutenMarketing.com.

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