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Data Subject Rights Request Process

Under the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) you have a variety of rights related to personal data which we, Rakuten Marketing, may have about you.  In order to validate your identity and to identify any personal data that we may have about you, this Data Subject Access request requires that you send us: (1) a completed Confirmation of Identity form; (2) your digital identifier and (3) which specific action you are requesting.  An explanation of these, how to find them and how to send them to us is below.

Background – Rakuten Marketing collects information about its customers’ end users (i.e. you) through technology designed to track the path of an end user from one website to another.  Rakuten Marketing does not have end users’ names or other direct personal identifiers. Instead, our technology uses digital identifiers associated with cookies and clicks to trace particular transactions and behaviors; the Rakuten Marketing Unique ID (“RMUID”) or the Unique User ID (“UUID” or “UID3”) (in simple terms, you can think of these as strings of characters that are stored in cookies on your device or a CookieID’s) and your unique device ID.  Instructions on how to locate the RMUID or UUID on your device browser are below.

Please be aware that while the CookieID’s are what we use to trace transactions and end users’ behavior, we are able to see an end user’s Internet Protocol address, device ID, browser type and language, internet connection type, geo-location, which publisher(s) an end-user visited, which offer(s) an end user interacted with, and where the end user visited after the leaving the publisher’s or advertiser’s website. However, Rakuten Marketing does not tie this information to your actual identity; instead they are associated with an CookieID’s.  This means that we cannot identify the information we have collected about you from your name alone – we need to know the CookieID’s stored on your device browser to look up this information.

Data Subject Rights.  If you contact us and provide your CookieID’s we will facilitate your exercise of the following rights in accordance with applicable data protection law:

  • confirm whether we have your digital identifiers;
  • provide access to information we may have associated with your digital identifier;
  • correct any inaccurate information that may be associated with your digital identifier;
  • erase information associated with your digital identifier;

Here is how you find the CookieID’s on your device browser:

In your browser settings you will need to search all cookies and site data. You will need to search for the cookie .

You will need to search the cookie content to find the unique identifier for us to delete. A sample of this is below:

  • linksynergycom
    • rmuid
    • Sample format: 01da994f-c6f5-4fbe-9db2-fcfa46cf1eb2

If your browser does not have a cookie, you check for a cookie. Again, you will need to search the cookie content to find the unique identifier for us to delete. A sample of this is below:

    • uuid
    • Sample format: c85736b6-a76d-4d27-85b2-60b76267e54a
    • Uid3
    • Sample format: 73294B4D919311E68BAA8DE55F273913

If you use more than one browser, you must obtain this identifier from each browser.  Similarly, if you use more than one device to access websites of our customers (the publishers and advertisers with whom we have business relationships) you must obtain the digital identifier on each device.

Please be aware that in order for us to provide you with the data subject access and related rights, we must confirm your identity and assure that the information we provide is solely your information and not that of another data subject.  In the process of confirming you are the correct data subject, we may have to gather more personal data from you than we might currently have.

Please send the completed Confirmation of Identify (, the CookieID’s as well as the form indicating which specific rights/information you are requesting to via email to