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Deliver authentic experiences to consumers.

With the combined power of our Data, technology and machine learning, we deliver the most relevant and authentic experiences to engage and influence consumers. Whatever channel they’re on, whatever platform they use, whatever purchasing phase they’re in – this is how we get them to tune in.


Great marketing isn’t about finding just any customer – it’s about finding the right customer, the one who will love what you do. We use a combination of technology, Data and strategy to match individuals to the right messages at scale. That’s what makes deep connections and builds meaningful relationships. And that’s when marketing performance goes through the roof.

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Finding new customers – that’s one thing. Making them care, come back and buy again – that’s something else. Rakuten Marketing provides unique capabilities to tune in to consumers across channels and platforms at every stage of the user journey, turning one-time buyers into consistent customers.

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Rakuten Marketing’s combination of Data, technology and strategic services helps you build relevant and authentic connections, customer by customer. We then turn those customers into repeat buyers, believers and, ultimately, brand advocates – the best kind of customer.

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